• How to be a meeting giver

  • How to invite and start a conversation

  • How to follow up and ask the right questions

  • How to eliminate FEAR from your vocabulary

  • How to start people right and FAST

  • How to dial 20-30 people a day

  • Create YOUR powerful story to tell

  • How to Master the Basics

  • INCREASE your sponsoring ratio

  • Master 3 way calls and know what to say

  • How to avoid the rejection rocket

  • How to overcome all objections

  • How to rebuild a RESIDUAL income

  • How to RETAIL and move products

  • Take charge of YOUR business

July 8-9, 2016            Kansas City, Missouri

Learn from real people who doing the business and build a huge residual income.

​You will learn how to be a meeting giver, take ownership of YOUR business and grow it by the hundreds of new ambassadors each month!

President Bill Andreoli

Co-Founder Todd Smith

Dave and Barb Pitcock

Andre Vaughn

Maxandra Desroisers

Blake Graham

Rick Anson (Bula Bottle)

​and many more special SURPRISE guest speakers!!

​​Go Diamond Weekend Bootcamp

​​This event will begin on Thursday evening with a Leadership Event for Rubys and above. Friday will start at 1pm to 4pm with an incredible product training. Blake Graham and Rick Anson (the BULA BOTTLE guy) will be in the house!  The main event will start Friday at 7pm and will be all day Saturday. Saturday night will be an inspirational and motivational recognition time with special guest speakers!

Dave and Barb's annual BOOTCAMP has become one of the most sought after events in the business. You will learn so much from people who are doing it have have it already done. The leaders that are participating in this event is one like never before. This will be the most intense and FUN bootcamp we have put together in the last 10 years! Get ready to learn, bring notebooks and promote to everyone in your group. You will leave this event and do more in 60 days that most do in 3 years! See you there!